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Somfy KIT with 7'' screen and boom box (VISIOPHONE V300).

The door system consists of an internal screen and a boutonniere.

The connection of the indoor monitor to the boutonniere is made with 2 cables, and the power supply is connected to the monitor.

The internal display has an RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) radio transmitter. This wireless controller allows the operation of home products with a Somfy RTS receiver (garage door, patio door, lights, blinds, awning, etc.).

The V300 provides the ability to combine two separate homes as well as the ability to have an optional additional screen for each home.

The boutonniere can be connected to the mechanism of a patio door or to an electric cup/lock (12 V AC/DC - 800 mA max).

The patio door and the electric cup/lock will be able to be activated independently from the screen of the CCTV system,

7in screen with touch buttons.

Store photos in internal memory.

CCTV with 2 outputs, for controlling the patio door (dry contact:1 second) and the entrance door of your house (12V, 800mA).

Suitable for dwellings with 1 or 2 dwellings (1 or 2 buttons on the call station).

Easy installation.

Connection to the outdoor unit with 2 cables (up to 100m): the existing cable installation of your old intercom can be used.

Built-in 5-channel remote control for controlling other Somfy wireless products.

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