Wooden frames

* The products you see are indicative. You can find a huge variety of designs and colours in our physical store. Visit us at 20A Aeroporos Rodokanakis or call us at 2271042633. 

Wooden Opening Systems

Kowa wood 1

The timber is original and presentable. Wooden windows are specifically designed to offer some of the best thermal and sound insulation, a warm atmosphere, pleasant surfaces and countless design possibilities. The immense importance for the climate and the environment make timber a unique material. Naturally perfect!

Wooden Sliding Systems

Meisterstueck UK 171

Our windows are as unique as the materials our craftsmen use to make them. Our extensive expertise and ultra-modern computer-controlled technology brings unparalleled levels of precision and quality to our products, which means your windows will last for generations!

Wooden Frames with Aluminium Cladding

Kowa wood2 scaled

It combines the timeless beauty of wood on the inside and is clad on the outside with aluminium in any colour of your choice. Forget about maintenance !