Roof windows

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Roof windows

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Turn your attic into a pleasant living space with ventilation, top insulation, excellent security level, insect protection, manual or electric motor control, combining remote management with the smart home smart home.

Pivot window, but with the pivot axis positioned at a point higher than the middle of the window, so that even a tall person can walk comfortably to the edge of the window.

The opening leaf when opened in positions from 0-45° is supported by an innovative mechanism that allows it to stay open at any point you leave it open. The window when installed on roofs with a pitch of 39°- 43° fulfils the requirements of the DIN 5034-1* standard, according to which the lower part of the window must be at least 95 cm and the upper part at least 220 cm.

The window is operated by the handle located at the bottom of the opening leaf and is equipped with two microventilation positions at the closing point.

Automatic ventilation door V40P - energy glass U3 (Ug=1,1 W/m2 K) as standard equipment.

High quality spruce wood, glued and vacuum impregnated.

The wooden profiles are painted with two coats of ecological acrylic varnish in natural colour.

Easy cleaning of the outer pane and with the help of the mechanism that holds the opening leaf when it is rotated by 160°.

topSafe system with increased burglary resistance

Wide variety of accessories

Roof windows

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The benefits of natural lighting in buildings are undeniable. However, it often happens that in buildings with flat roofs (terraces) it is not possible to install vertical windows in all rooms.

The ideal solution in these cases is the installation of specially designed roof windows.

Energy efficient design
Excellent thermal insulation performance - Uw = 0.64 W/m²K*, makes the window suitable for use in passive buildings.
Flexible structure. The window can be made in any size (in the range 60×60 - 120x220cm).
Excellent brightness. The window design provides up to 16% more glass surface area compared to solutions offered by other manufacturers.