Sliding Ceilings

siromeni orofi scaled
  • Ecological design : The glass opening roof or fixed roof composed of thermally broken aluminium profiles. By combining these profiles with energy efficient glazing we achieve savings in resources and energy with enormous environmental and economic benefits.
  • Protection from the weather : The glass opening roof with thermal break and energy efficient glazing ensures thermal comfort conditions inside the buildings.
  • Healthy environment : Making use of the available natural light and outdoor air through the opening glass roof improves the quality of life and the psychology of people. At the same time, the outside air penetrates the space acting as natural cooling which is essential for good health - especially since we spend most of our time indoors.
  • Pleasant atmosphere : The glass opening roof with thermal break, if we use the appropriate reflective crystals, contributes to the correct distribution of light in the rooms of the building, creating conditions of visual comfort and contributing to the improvement of the aesthetics of the space.
  • Innovative design : The glass sunroof system is one of Salinox's most important innovations (pattent No 1009052). The aluminium crossbars that make up the system have a sophisticated rainwater drainage system. At the same time, the double glazing panels are manufactured by the structural bonding method. This means that the glazing is flush with the aluminium profile so that it does not create a gutter. This helps both to protect the roof from potential water ingress and to maintain the cleanliness of the system.
  • Minimalist aesthetics : Simple and modern design that maximises the glass surface of the roof by using structural glass panels.
  • Design flexibility : The opening glass roof can be made to the dimensions of the building opening. Depending on the needs of the space, the number and configuration of the frames can be adapted. In addition, it is possible to choose the number of panels to be manufactured as opening panels. For example, in order to reduce the cost of materials, we can choose to open only half of the panels without affecting the visual harmony of the construction.
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