Fusion Line railings

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The Fusion Line series is added to the large family of ALUMINCO balustrades. The new range takes its name from its ability to combine glass and aluminium with harmony and imagination in countless combinations, while at the same time remaining unpretentious, affordable, luxurious and particularly beautiful.

The following types belong to this new range:

Each type has its own character, proposing innovative bonds that allow minimal aluminium interference between two or more glass surfaces, compositions that sometimes highlight the aluminium parts and sometimes the glass, designs that suit every modern construction.

A whole new experience enters the world of railing.

The Fusion Line range dramatically improves the most important aspects of the railing experience. It introduces advanced and robust profiles for extra strength, unique design for a striking appearance and the best performance ever seen in a balustrade system.

Reference points:

1. Minimalist Design
Thanks to its extreme simplicity and minimalist character, the Fusion range works really well as a visual element.

2. Reliable Safety
All Fusion line balustrades behave extremely well, providing maximum safety and protection.

3. Easy & Quick Installation
Fusion line balustrades are designed to offer the benefits of quick and easy installation at all stages of installation.

4. Three types. Unlimited Personalization Possibilities
Orbit, Elxis and Synthesis blend aluminium and glass together in numerous unique combinations.

* The products you see are indicative. You can find a huge variety of designs and colours in our physical store. Visit us at 20A Aeroporos Rodokanakis or call us at 2271042633.