F50 - Anodised aluminium balustrades

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The F50 system is based on a simple design and construction concept: a tubular system made of anodised aluminium, which is tied together in a characteristically elaborate way to create an airy, highly aesthetic ensemble.

Its metal elements can be easily combined with glass or polycarbonate sheeting, offering unlimited design possibilities.

In the range, the aluminium profiles and fittings have been processed by the anodizing process characterized by high quality and unparalleled gloss. They thus offer tangible advantages over stainless steel systems: high aesthetics and greater economy.

The applications of the F50 system are numerous and offer unique solutions in modern construction, such as:

Balcony balustrades, demonstrating particular resistance to various environmental conditions. Internal staircase balustrades, giving a sense of high aesthetics to the interior of homes and business premises.
External stair rails, suitable for modern residences and commercial buildings.
Balustrades for stairs in public spaces especially useful in big cities, but also in other types of spaces, such as hotel swimming pools, houses, etc. for balconies and stairs.

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