SMARTIA M8200 Glass balustrades

lifestyle m8200.tmb 864x468 1
m8202 final hd.tmb 864x468 1
m8207 hd.tmb 864x468 1
m8208 hd.tmb 864x468 1
m8209 led hd.tmb 864x468 1

Vertical glazing support system for the construction of glass balustrades of modern aesthetics and top robustness. Support bases made of running profiles without uprights, for an unobstructed view and a sense of luxury.

  • Reinforced running profiles and very high robustness
  • Long constructions without glass alignment problems
  • Typical ease and speed of installation
  • Wide range of solutions in terms of positioning, glass thickness, handrails and surface treatment
  • Top quality design and production
* The products you see are indicative. You can find a huge variety of designs and colours in our physical store. Visit us at 20A Aeroporos Rodokanakis or call us at 2271042633.