Smart House

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Smart House

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Control your home the way you want!

Somfy provides you with all the solutions you need to control your daily life at home.

A mobile app is all you need and the Tahoma device to centrally program and control all your electric equipment. Heating, lighting, cameras, alarms... Control everything from home or remotely with just one click!

Your home on your smartphone!
Make your life simple with the TaHoma® mobile app. You'll be able to control all your home equipment from your smartphone wherever you are.

Experience the smart home.
Program Somfy products such as blinds, awnings, etc. to open and close according to your needs and enjoy your peace of mind.

Manage all Somfy smart devices remotely
such as blinds, lights, awnings, etc. from your mobile phone from wherever you are.

* The products you see are indicative. You can find a huge variety of designs and colours in our physical store. Visit us at 20A Aeroporos Rodokanakis or call us at 2271042633. 

Smart Security

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Smart cameras: deterrence, monitoring and security!

4 good reasons to choose our cameras:

To ensure your privacy:
Thanks to the electric shutter, the Somfy indoor camera and the Somfy One do not shoot video when you are at home. Somfy's outdoor camera also comes with a privacy feature to protect your privacy.

They deter burglars:
The Somfy outdoor camera has a built-in 110 dB siren that you can activate from your smartphone if someone tries to intrude. You can also connect it to an external light so that the light turns on when motion is detected.

They have a built-in siren:
As it is more than just an indoor camera, Somfy One has a built-in 90dB siren. You can connect it to various accessories (detectors, remote controls, etc.) and use it to control your home centrally.

Video quality:
With Full HD video, 130° wide-angle lens, 8X zoom, night vision, motion detector and no pets or other animals to deal with, the Somfy indoor camera has everything you need for optimal monitoring of your home.

Smart Access

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Phone number
See who is at the door and open it with complete confidence!

Electronic curtain door
The patio door closes automatically behind you to keep your children and pets completely safe.

Electronic garage door
Any unexpected delivery? Open the garage for the delivery man to come by and deliver your parcel.

Smart locks
If a friend, family member or neighbour wants to enter your home, you can choose to give them temporary or permanent access without the need for keys.