Garage Door Movement Mechanisms

Comfort and security for your home
Who wants to get out of the car in wind and rain just to open the garage. With a Hörmann garage door opener you always have "direct access", as you can open the garage door and patio door quickly, conveniently and safely via remote control while in the car. With the comfortable and fast SupraMatic, the economical ProMatic as well as the ProMatic Akku, the drive mechanism for electricity-free garages, Hörmann offers innovative drive mechanism technology.

The BiSecur wireless system is standard on all garage door openers. Hörmann's innovative Hörmann wireless system with status search is just what you need thanks to its unique comfort and safety functions and status search, all with a unique design and glossy texture.

With the Hörmann BiSecur portal you can control the garage door and patio door operators, the Hörmann entrance door* and other devices conveniently via smartphone or tablet. In addition, the position of the garage door and patio door drive mechanism can be displayed as well as whether your home door* is locked.

*with special equipment

* The products you see are indicative.
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Hormann SupraMatic

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This combination of speed and comfort will thrill you. Your folding garage door opens faster and you can enter your garage directly from the street. You'll also love the convenience details, such as the additional opening height, e.g. for garage ventilation, and the drive mechanism lighting that is individually activated via your remote control. The brushed aluminium drive mechanism housing gives the SupraMatic an excellent appearance.

Hormann ProMatic

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The ProMatic garage door operator is manufactured on the basis of proven Hörmann technologies - like all Hörmann's leading garage door operators. This guarantees reliable operation at an attractive price. And in garages without power you should not be deprived of comfort in the drive mechanisms. The ProMatic Akku gives you the possibility. It is easy to transport and can be charged in just a few hours, particularly practical thanks to the optional solar module.