Somfy CCTV Cloud Camera 1080p Waterproof Outdoor Camera With Built-in Siren

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Specially designed to act as the first security barrier for your home, the Somfy outdoor camera deters intruders with its siren and intelligent detection. Once a presence is detected, you'll immediately receive a notification on your phone and a video of the event will be sent to you. You can then activate the 110dB siren from the "Somfy Protect" app and if you have chosen to connect the lighting to your camera, it will automatically activate so that the deterrent is enhanced.

Security that meets all your needs. Remote communication, intelligent activation and attempted intrusion.

For even more deterrence and convenience, connect your camera to the outdoor lighting. At night, the light deters an intruder while illuminating the road for your convenience.

The Somfy Outdoor Camera is available in two colours: White and Anthracite Grey.

It can be easily installed in any home as it has three connection modes depending on the existing electrical installation. On existing standby power, on a supply from nearby lighting and connection to a nearby power outlet. The Somfy Outdoor Camera meets all the requirements for the integration of your home

5 years warranty

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