Movement mechanisms for patio doors

Exciting comfort and maximum safety
Only with a Hörmann remote-controlled drive mechanism does your patio door gain maximum comfort, since you can enjoy proven technology in all respects. Thanks to the smooth start and smooth stop, the door always moves quietly and evenly. Obstacle detection protects people and objects with particular reliability and thus gives you a sense of security.

Practical additional functions perfect your comfort: the automatic closing function, which closes the door after a certain time that you set* or the possibility to open the door only partially for the passage of people. The RotaMatic and VersaMatic operators are also available with a practical battery and an optional solar panel.

* An optional photocell is required for this function.

* The products you see are indicative.
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Drive mechanism for opening doors RotaMatic

rota matic 1000x700

Hörmann's RotaMatic swing door operator for swing doors fits your swing door thanks to its modern and elegant design. It stands out not only in terms of appearance but also because of the functionality and safety it offers. And without a direct connection to the power supply you should not be deprived of comfort in the operating mechanisms. The RotaMatic Akku enables you.

Drive mechanism for VersaMatic swing doors

versa matic 1000x700

The VersaMatic swing door operator with integrated control system is the ideal solution for common installation situations. It is particularly suitable, for example, for installation in particularly deep door pillars. The mounting position can also be freely selected and thus be ideally adapted to the individual case. In addition, no separate control system is required - thus saving space and time. The VersaMatic drive mechanism also stands out with its tried and tested technology: the speed, for example, can be adjusted as required, so that a uniform door movement is achieved in all door sizes.

Just as flexible as the VersaMatic drive mechanism are the possibilities of the electric power supply. If the door does not have a connection, you can use the independent VersaMatic Akku Solar.

Drive mechanism for sliding doors LineaMatic

linea matic 2 1000x700

The strengths of the LineaMatic sliding door operator are the compact, height-adjustable housing made of die-cast zinc, fibreglass-reinforced plastic and the reliable electronic system of the operator.

Drive mechanism for sliding doors STA 400

csm sta 400 1000x700 2942772bbe

The STA 400 sliding door operator was designed especially for large doors.
The corresponding B 460 FU control system guarantees precise starting and smooth door stopping.