Railings Crystal line

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The innovative glass support system with aluminium profile for the construction of glass balustrades is the ideal system for balconies, stairs and fences of buildings with high architectural requirements.

It offers an impressive aesthetic and functional result, without restricting the view. It is maintenance-free, easy to clean and manufactured according to UNI EN 10807 & NF P01-013 standards.

The Crystal line system is offered in 3 basic types (floor, underfloor and external) with different variations. The system can be installed on a finished floor or on a parapet and accepts vertical glazing 16 or 20mm thick and up to 100cm high (triplex, securit are suggested).

The base is covered with aluminium caps and allows easy removal in case of replacement of the glass pane, without causing damage to the floor or the system itself. The caps are available in a wide range of colours, in special colours, anodised inox, as well as in wood imitation shades.

The Crystal line system can accept 16 or 20mm plain glass (triplex, securit) with special grinding on the end.

ALUMINCO, developing the system, has 3 different aluminium handrails on the market. Round Φ50, oval 76mm with a slot for the glazing and with an external support that holds a handrail of cross-section Φ50.

The handrails are optional and are available in the same colour as the profile caps, and offer a sense of security and add aesthetics to the final appearance of the balustrade. They are painted with electrostatic paint in many colours, anodised inox, as well as in wood imitation colours.

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