The warranty for manufacturing defects of Franke appliances is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. The customer must inform FRANKE of all defects up to 2 months after purchase. FRANKE must always receive the proof of purchase stating the point of sale/retailer, the date of purchase and the product identification number.
The manufacturer's warranty is valid only under the following conditions:
- The device is only used in a private household.
- The appliance was installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and in compliance with all necessary energy efficiency regulations in accordance with the instructions for use provided.
- The appliance shall only be used in accordance with the instructions provided in the instructions for use.
- All repairs are carried out by an authorised Franke customer service centre and Franke spare parts are used.
- The model number or serial number on the product has not been altered, deleted, removed or otherwise made illegible.
During the warranty period, Franke will repair or replace defective parts for the customer free of charge.
FRANKE has the right to replace the defective device with a device of the same value if the damage occurs repeatedly or if the repair costs are not related to the value of the goods.
There is no right to repair or replace the device beyond the 2-year warranty period.

Exclusion clauses
This Franke warranty does not cover repair or replacement costs resulting from the following reasons:
- The instructions for use or maintenance in the supplied manual were not followed.
- The device was operated in a negligent or excessively improper manner.
- The maintenance or repair was carried out by an unauthorised person or the customer and/or original spare parts were not used.
- Due to a failure in transit or damage resulting from force majeure and/or incidents that cannot be identified as manufacturing defects of the device.
- Removable parts such as handles, lamps, enamel or glass parts, external tubes and all fittings and decaying parts are not covered by this warranty unless they can be shown to be defective in manufacture.
- Damage caused to the product by the installer and operating errors caused by incorrect installation.
- Defects in the systems and components to which the appliance is connected. The customer must pay the costs of any telephone service and spare parts, in the event that an authorised employee is required by the customer service centre.

Area delimitation
This warranty from Franke is valid for the area of the country declared by the customer service network. Appliances sold or used in other countries are covered by the Franke Group company warranty in the respective country.

Limitations of Manufacturer's Liability
Franke accepts no liability whatsoever for damage to people, property or animals caused directly or indirectly as a result of non-compliance with the instructions in this manual, particularly with regard to the installation, operation and maintenance of the appliance.

Expiry of the guarantee
After the 24-month warranty period, all telephone calls to customer service for repair or replacement of parts must be covered by the customer, according to Franke's authorized customer service price lists. If a defective product is repaired or replaced, the warranty shall apply to the repaired or new product only for the same time period of the original product warranty. If you wish to contact FRANKE for telephone service, you must have proof of purchase and the following information:
-- Model number/serial number/product number
You will find this information on the device label.
-- Date of purchase