SMARTIA FC80 Fencing System

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The SMARTIA FC80 series is an advanced and versatile fencing system with a wide range of aluminium blinds and other decorative elements (synthetic wood, sheet metal, glass, inox), placed in inserts between the columns.

At the same time, it offers a multitude of solutions and applications with high levels of innovation, which is why it is a valuable tool for architects and individuals, which can cover all the technical and aesthetic needs of a project.

  • Top robustness and the ability for very large dimensions (3.0m sheet width)
  • Ability to build closed surfaces without wind pressure problems (2.0m fence height)
  • Unlimited decorative & technical solutions, and corresponding scope for personalization
  • High levels of innovation and use of innovative materials (Woodalux®, special frames, lighting, etc.)
  • Replacement of the concrete prefabrication by aluminium profiles
* The products you see are indicative. You can find a huge variety of designs and colours in our physical store. Visit us at 20A Aeroporos Rodokanakis or call us at 2271042633.