Synthetic frames

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Opening Synthetic Systems

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Window - Balcony door Geneo : The world champion of insulation and durability!

Premium system, reinforced with fibres, with a construction depth of 86 mm and a Uf value of up to 0.79 W/m²K

GENEO offers you the best stability through the combination of our high-tech material with optimized profile construction and the integrated IVS reinforcement system. In this way the GENEO system achieves maximum values of up to 0.79 W/m²K - without thermal bridges - and reduces energy consumption by up to 76%.

Your advantages:

Easier handling and assembly, thanks to weight savings of up to 40% compared to standard windows
Easy opening and closing , as the newly developed sealing geometry that reduces the closing pressure.
Easy care, ultra smooth and elegant high-definition finishing surface
Available in many shapes and all colours
Environmentally friendly - recyclable

Sliding Synthetic Systems

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Sliding-unfolding heavy duty GENEO

Premium system with 86mm construction depth and Uf value up to 1.3 W/m²K

The GENEO heavy-duty sliding and tilting doors, with a width of up to 10 m, a height of 2.70 m and a weight of only 400 kg, are the right choice for atrium doors. In terms of energy savings, the GENEO system also proves to be excellent, with thermal insulation values in accordance with the passive house standard.

Your advantages:

Easy operation, ensured by properly harmonized system technology
High investment security, thanks to compliance with EnEV standards
Thanks to the lightweight material, it can be mounted only by installers, even for large dimensions
Available in all colour schemes